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Unseen headwinds - Moneylife: Personal Finance Magazine

We don’t have sentiment indicators in India but you can sense the cockiness. This is precisely what brings the market down, at least over the short term So, no matter what forecasts you hear on television or expert opinion that you read in the papers, don't expect a strong rally, unless the market comes down quite a bit first.

Sensex in 2011: prediction or guesswork? | The Skeptical Investor - ValueNotes.com Blogs

The new year invariably results in a burst of predictions. It’s almost as if a change in calendar year generates vital juices in all of us that trigger a bout of prediction-making. Why this happens is not for us to understand or question, but simply accept.

And among the various types of predictions, those pertaining to the markets tend to hog a fair amount of media attention [for instance, I predicted that skirts would get longer, but nobody paid any attention].

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