Sintex: Q3 2011 EPS Up 55%

Sintex has shown great Q3 results. Revenues are up 41% and EPS is up 55%. At 170, the stock quotes at a P/E of 11 on the trailing 12 month EPS of 15.88.

Sintex Rs Cr. Except EPS data Copyright © Market Vision      
  Dec-10 Sep-10 Jun-10 Mar-10 Dec-09 Sep-09 Jun-09 Mar-09
Revenue 1,183.84 920.61 907.96 1,083.20 835.51 711.23 651.69 830.62
Other Income 2.17 2.45 2.68 0.00 12.31 4.17 10.71 22.38
Total Income 1,186.01 923.06 910.64 1,083.20 847.82 715.40 662.40 853.00
Expenditure 1,026.73 787.20 809.60 935.46 756.46 622.05 611.63 705.77
Net Profit 112.81 100.16 79.06 138.73 72.45 58.26 60.59 115.10
Profit Growth 55.71% 71.92% 30.48% 20.53% 1.02% -30.50% 7.30% 21.71%
Revenue Growth 41.69% 29.44% 39.32% 30.41% 4.62% -1.20% -8.83% -10.54%
EPS 4.16 3.70 2.91 5.12 2.68 2.36 2.22 4.21
EPS Growth YoY% 55.51% 56.57% 30.65% 21.62% 2.29% -23.62% 6.64% 4.99%
TTM EPS 15.88 14.40 13.06 12.38 11.47 11.41 12.14 12.00
TTM EPS Growth 38.47% 26.18% 7.59% 3.15% -2.81% -3.11% 14.30% 20.06%

Trailing 12 month EPS is back in growth mode - over 38% this quarter, and looking strong.

Mint says that the Sintex stock, which has fallen about 22% in a month, has been impacted by a slowdown in govt. orders. They have three lines of business - textiles, building material like in pre-fab housing/monolithic structures, and custom moulding with all three showing a reasonable rise. And we know it largely for the big black water tanks you see on rooftops!

I like this stock for the understated scale - they're into telecom shelters, moulds for cars, pre-fab housing, textiles, etc., and have touched the 1,000 cr. per quarter revenue. Additionally, they acquire on a regular basis, and don't have crazy amounts of debt (just 30 cr. a quarter as interest). It's a momentum play though, and it moves in a volatile way.

There is a lot of activity in terms of promoter pledging and unpledging of shares, though I wouldn't call it a major concern. Shareholding Pattern:

  • Promoters: 35% - they've upped their stake 1% or so in Dec.
  • FIIs: 35%
  • Mutual Funds and Insurance: 11%
  • Public: 19%

Technically the stock is weak, having lost so much recently.

Disclosure: I hold this stock, stop loss of about 150.

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