About Us

At Market Vision we bring for you:

  • Short Takes: A series of free videos on Money, Markets and Investing, each one illustrating one financial concept.
  • (Coming soon) 40 Awesome Video Tutorials on Futures and Options In India, Technical Analysis, Strategies and Trading Techniques (Subscribers only)
  • Webinars that allow you to interact with our team 
  • Read our Blog on trading, concepts and macro fundamentals

Our team:

Deepak Shenoy has over 14 years of experience, in technology, markets and trading. He's founded three companies before co-founding MarketVision, and is a market trader. Deepak writes at Capital Mind and has a weekly column at Yahoo, apart from writing for various magazines.

Shyam Somanadh is an 'expired journalist' according to a former boss of his. He has over 10-years of experience in conceptualizing, building and running various internet products in India at organizations like The Indian Express, Times Internet Limited and Network18. 

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